In Malawi, families are trapped in a cycle of severe hunger and malnutrition.

Malawian mothers need urgent support so they can feed their children nutritious food.

You can help — by donating today, you can provide life-changing solutions to malnutrition in Malawi.

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Causes of malnutrition in Malawi

Nutritious food is scarce in Malawi so mothers like Eliza (pictured) struggle to give their children the vital nutrients they need. Many Malawian families live on nsima, a porridge made from maize, and little else. This staple dish contains very few nutrients so families that depend on it are at risk of malnutrition, illness and disease.

Nsima is a thick, sticky, maize porridge with very few nutrients. Families who live on nsima alone, with no added vegetables or legumes, face increased risk of malnutrition, illness and disease.

More than one third of Malawian children have chronic malnutrition, which causes vitamin deficiencies and impaired growth and development. Sadly, many children in Malawi don’t live past the age of five.

The cycle of hunger and malnutrition

When families are malnourished, they cannot thrive. Children lack the strength to attend school and excel, and mothers struggle to work and make ends meet. This cruel cycle of poverty takes a toll on Malawian families.

Together with Oxfam, you can help break this cycle

With your support, Malawian mothers and their children can break the cycle and thrive.

My prayer and desire is to earn enough income, so I can send my child to school and provide her with nutritious food that will help her to grow up as a healthy child.

— Eliza

Mothers in Malawi need urgent support so they can break the cycle of hunger and malnutrition. Like all loving parents, they want their children to be healthy and get an education, so they can build a brighter future — free from poverty.


Help break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition in Malawi.

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