Minister Wong – call for an immediate ceasefire and increase humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

  • We will not be bystanders. Immediate ceasefire now.
  • End the siege that is preventing civilians in Gaza from accessing food, fuel and water and increase our humanitarian assistance.
  • Nothing can justify violence towards any civilians. Anyone held captive must be released.
  • Call for a path to real and lasting peace for Palestinian and Israeli people.

Our message to foreign Minister Penny Wong

"We refuse to stand by and watch civilians pay the price for political failure. Humanity must be shown to those caught up in this violence and humanitarian catastrophe. Every life matters equally, and we will not be divided on this.

"You must do everything in your power to push for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza. The conditions are dreadful and rapidly deteriorating yet humanitarian operations are now effectively frozen because it is impossible for agencies like Oxfam to restart them in the face of bombs, shells, rockets and bullets. The siege of Gaza must be stopped, and water, food and fuel allowed in. We ask you to work to secure the release of hostages held in Gaza.

“We also ask that the Australian Government offers increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza. We welcome the funds already pledged and call for an immediate increase. We encourage the Government to provide funds directly to Australian NGOs, like Oxfam, with an established presence in Gaza."

"A path to peace and justice for all, that includes a fair future for both Palestinian and Israeli people, is the only way forward. Our government and other world leaders must work towards a de-escalation of violence now."


Destructive weather fueled by climate change is causing an increase floods, fires, and historic famines that are devastating lives all over the world. Whilst climate change affects us all, it hurts some people more than others and many communities are struggling to survive. Women, young people, First Peoples, and those already experiencing poverty or inequality are at greatest risk. The climate crisis and the system that created it are the biggest contributors to global poverty and inequality today. Years of reckless climate policy has allowed fossil fuel giants to get rich by mining and burning coal, oil and gas like there’s no tomorrow while those who contributed least to the crisis are plunged deeper into poverty. It is estimated that climate change could drive a further 122 million people into extreme poverty by 2030.


We are calling on our government to hear us and act

It is easy to feel helpless as we watch the horror unfold in the news. Both Palestinian and Israeli civilians have faced appalling violence, and continue to pay the price for the failure of leaders to resolve a conflict which has led to the longest occupation in modern history.

The terrifying escalation of violence since 7 October has already seen thousands of people killed. Many Palestinians have been forced to leave their homes, following the Israeli government’s evacuation order, and are living in severely overcrowded homes.

The conditions are dreadful and rapidly deteriorating. Our colleagues in Gaza — when they are able to get through to us — are telling us that food, water, fuel and electricity is running out. As soon as it is safe and possible to do so, by whatever means possible, Oxfam will be working to support people with water, sanitation and food.

But now it’s time to speak out and say that every life — Palestinian and Israeli — should be valued and treated with humanity. And that we refuse to be divided in our call for lasting peace and justice. We are calling on our government to hear us and act.

So please join us as we call for an immediate ceasefire, and end to the siege that is preventing Gaza’s civilians from accessing food, fuel and water and a path to real and lasting peace for Palestinian and Israeli people.


Ceasefire now

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