Join us and ask the Australian government to pay its fair share!

Almost 300 million people worldwide urgently need life-saving humanitarian assistance – the highest number of people in need since the Second World War1. Conflict and the resulting global food crisis impact vulnerable communities the most.

Record numbers of people are struggling to survive while the Australian government slashes our aid budget.

Australia has one of the world’s largest economies but we’re languishing behind and not paying our fair share. Since 2013, successive Australian governments have cut our annual international aid budget to just 0.21% of our income, well short of our commitment to provide 0.7% to foreign aid annually2. That’s less support during a time of unprecedented need, a time when millions of people need life-saving assistance in the aftermath of conflict3.

While Australian aid and development spending falls, defence, security, and intelligence spending has nearly doubled4. We spend more money cancelling French submarine contracts than we do on life-saving support5.

Join us and call on the Australian government to:
  • Immediately pay Australia’s fair share of humanitarian funding for 2022: $1.05 billion6
  • Commit to meeting our funding targets to stop the biggest humanitarian crisis since the second world war and save lives

We need the Australian government to act.

We must pay our fair share and stand with the millions of people who need our support during times of crisis by providing life-saving aid.

The humanitarian system, including Oxfam, is aiming to reach at least 191 million people in need. Another record high7. Australia can recognise our responsibility to stand with people across the world by immediately increasing humanitarian funding to $1.05 billion. Emergency food relief, cash assistance, and a path to rebuild is the only way to a bright, equal, and fair future.


Join our global call to stop the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War

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Australia has a choice – we can be world leaders or turn our backs on those in need. We choose leadership.

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